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Toronto Pearson predicts record traffic this holiday season, reveals snow removal infrastructure


Toronto Pearson International Airport is predicting a 10 per cent increase in passenger traffic this holiday season, and has revealed its new fleet of snow removal equipment to keep wintertime travel as hassle-free as possible.

The new collection of snow removal equipment includes 106 specialized snow-clearing machines, including plows, tractors and de-icing trucks. As well, the airport has installed a new AI system to help track and manage luggage.

In a Thursday morning press conference, Deborah Flint, CEO of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), said this winter at Toronto Pearson will be “very robust.”

“Our equipment has been very tuned up,” she said. “There is still not as much resiliency across the global air travel system as there was [before the pandemic], but the industry is steadily moving towards becoming more resilient and reliable…if winter airport preparedness was an Olympic sport, then Toronto Pearson would be the venue. Our level of preparedness and approach to winter is renowned. The industry often looks to us.”

“We’re well equipped to handle the complexities of Canadian winter,” added Todd Browne, associate director of airfield operations for the GTAA. “We know what’s coming, and we’ve been planning for a very long time.”

Earlier this year, Pearson was ranked the second-worst large airport in the continent for overall traveller satisfaction, ranking 20th out of 21 large airports in North America, second only to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. Top Stories

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