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Toronto eatery named 2nd best Italian restaurant in the world

Don Alfonso chefs can be seen above. (donalfonsoto/Instagram) Don Alfonso chefs can be seen above. (donalfonsoto/Instagram)

A Toronto establishment has been named one of the best Italian restaurants in the world.

Don Alfonso 1890, located in the Westin Hotel in Toronto's downtown Harbour Square, was recently ranked second in Italian cuisine in the 2023 World category of the 50 Top Italy annual list.

The top 5 rankings of best Italian restaurants, outside of Italy, are as follows:

  1. Da Vittorio Shanghai - Shanghai, China
  2. Don Alfonso 1890 - Toronto, Canada
  3. Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura - Tokyo, Japan
  4. Il Carpaccio - Paris, France
  5. Fiola - Washington, DC, United States of America

The only other Canadian restaurant to make the list was Vancouver's Cioppino's, coming in at number 33.

To see a comprehensive list of rankings for Italian restaurants around the world and within Italy, click here.


Don Alfonso 1890 first opened on Toronto Street – a location that closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The restaurant soon reopened as a pop-up shop operating out of Casa Loma before finding a permanent home in the Westin Hotel.

Headed by the Iaccarino family, Don Alfonso 1890 is one of the city’s most decorated eateries. Last year, it topped the 50 Top Italy list for best Italian restaurants outside of Italy and was recently named one of Canada’s top 100 restaurants.

In September 2022, when the Michelin guide launched in Canada, the restaurant was awarded one Michelin Star Top Stories

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