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This historical tavern in Toronto is closing after nearly 200 years

The Black Bull Tavern located in the heart of Queen Street West is closing down on April 3, 2024. (Google Maps) The Black Bull Tavern located in the heart of Queen Street West is closing down on April 3, 2024. (Google Maps)

A historic downtown Toronto bar is closing its doors next week after nearly 200 years in business.

The Black Bull Tavern, located in the heart of downtown at 298 Queen Street West, has been serving pints to a range of patrons, from punk rockers to condo dwellers, since 1833.

In a social media post Friday, the tavern shared how its impending closure signifies the end of an era.

“Queen West is changing and sadly, what was once one of the biggest, sunniest patios in Toronto is cast in the shadows of high rise buildings,” the post reads.

“After the owner Bobby Taylor passed, it was time for our family to say goodbye to the corner of Queen and Soho.”

Taylor, a former CFL player, bought The Black Bull in 1975 and ran it up until he died of cancer last year.

“We would like to thank The Black Bull staff for their dedication and commitment over the years. We are happy so many of you found your life partners at the bar. We know all of you have colourful memories to remember your time here,” the post continued.

The bar’s staff created memorabilia for nostalgic patrons looking to bring a piece of the historical venue home with them. There’s a cap, T-shirt and long-sleeved shirt featuring The Black Bull’s logo, ranging from $30 to $40 in price, with all of the proceeds going to the staff.

“I hope the Black Bull continues to be a bar for decades to come and future owners pay homage to the building’s history,” the post concluded.

The tavern has Heritage Property Designation, protecting it from demolition.

Torontonians can stop by the bar until April 3, when it officially shuts down for good. Top Stories

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