More than 20 suspects rounded up in last week's Project Kryptic raids, including Necole Small, were released on bail Monday.

Small, the sister of the 15-year-old Jordan Manners who was fatally shot inside his school in May, was released on $2,500 bail late Monday afternoon along with 26 other suspects.

Small is charged with possession of a prohibited firearm and prohibited ammunition.

Eighty-one suspects were expected to appeared in court on Monday.

Only two courtrooms away, two 17-year-old youths appeared in court for the shooting death of Small's brother.

"The family is devastated. They can't believe she is arrested, they can't believe that there is any connection between any gun that was found, Miss Small and the murder of her brother," Small's defence lawyer Gregory Leslie said at the courthouse.

Waiting areas at the Finch Avenue West courthouse were overflowing with family and supporters of the suspects.

Defence lawyers and those lending support claim innocent people were rounded up in the raids.

"Young girls like the bad guys it seems. So, that's going to happen. You can't blame a 19-year-old girl for what her boyfriend is doing," Defence lawyer Andrew Vaughan said outside the courthouse.

Vaughan believes many of the more minor charges will be dropped with only the most serious charges going to trial.

Some supporters outside the courtroom were angry and said the police didn't do enough research before making the arrests.

"If the government planned this for 11 months, they should know who to get. You guys should know who you are going for, have a picture of them and know who you are going for," one supporter, who had a family member appearing in court, said outside the courthouse.

"My cousin does not deserve to be in that place."

The 95 accused have been behind bars since last Wednesday's raids.

More than 700 charges were laid after executing 88 search warrants against members and associates of the Driftwood Crips street gang in the Jane and Finch Streets area.

This latest gang sweep netted more than $1 million of illegal drugs, including 30 kilograms of cocaine, 20 kilograms of marijuana and nine kilograms of hash oil. Hundreds of thousands of dollars was also seized.

With a report from CTV's Austin Delaney