TORONTO -- The Conservatives say they don't believe Premier Kathleen Wynne when she says she wasn't involved in the decision to cancel a gas plant during the last election.

Tory Frank Klees says he'd like to see the new premier take a lie-detector test to prove it.

He says he finds it hard to believe Wynne's claim because she was co-chair of the Liberal election campaign when the costly decision was made to relocate the plant.

The opposition parties have accused the Liberals of cancelling the Mississauga plant and another one in Oakville a year earlier to save Liberal seats in the face of local opposition.

The government says the decisions will cost taxpayers $230 million, but the opposition parties say it will be far more.

Klees says Wynne needs to show she's serious about getting to the bottom of the controversy by striking committees as soon as the legislature comes back next week.

He says she also needs to let a committee examining financial irregularities at Ontario's troubled Ornge air ambulance service to hold hearings as soon as possible.