Peel Region police busted a theft ring at Pearson Airport in an undercover operation that resulted in the arrest of seven baggage handlers, including one supervisor.

The police investigation at Terminal 3 recovered $12,000 in stolen goods, including electronics, jewelry and clothing. The probe was reportedly launched after airline passengers complained that items had gone missing from their bags.

Police allege that the group would find the goods and smuggle them out of the airport to be sold.

But the arrests are not making travellers feel better about what happens to their luggage once it is checked.

"I'm worried, I'm really worried. I've got my laptop on carry-on, I've got Christmas presents," one woman told CTV's Alex Mihailovich.

Police conducted a four-month investigation at the airport. When the probe was finished, investigators laid 18 charges against the suspects.

Investigators have not released the names of the suspects. Two people were reportedly arrested Tuesday night. They are expected to make court appearances in Brampton on Feb. 5.

It is not the first time police officers have investigated thefts from luggage at the airport.

In October of 2006, police arrested a group of people for allegedly stealing from a cargo warehouse.

In 2004, a joint operation between officers from Peel and York Regions, the Ontario Provincial Police and the RCMP resulted in the arrest of more than a dozen people. The suspects, who were mostly airport employees, allegedly were selling thousands of stolen items on the Internet auction site eBay.

With a report from CTV's Alex Mihailovich