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Ontario's first diverging diamond interchange opens. Here's how it works


Ontario's first-ever diverging diamond interchange opens to drivers Monday morning, the Ministry of Transportation confirmed.

The new interchange, located at Glendale Avenue and the Queen Elizabeth Highway (QEW) in Niagara, will open to drivers on the morning of Sept. 26.

According to the Ministry of Transportation, the interchange has been installed to reduce gridlock and improve traffic flow for motorists getting on and off the QEW at Glendale Avenue.

It is supposed to accomplish this by reconfiguring traffic lanes to allow for direct access to all four directional highway ramps.

The diverging diamond interchange eliminates the need for motorists to make any left-hand turns when entering or exiting the highway by using a series of interconnected crossover lanes controlled by traffic lights and highway signage.

The Queen Elizabeth Way and Glendale Avenue in Niagara, Ont. (CTV News Toronto)

"A diverging diamond interchange provides easier access and flow for traffic, cyclists, and pedestrians,” the ministry said in a statement to CTV News Toronto earlier this month.

 "This interchange design will reduce the number of vehicle conflict points and allow unrestricted access to the QEW."

(CTV News Toronto)

While diverging diamond interchanges will be new to drivers in Ontario, they have been used in other places, like the U.S., for years. There are currently two diverging diamond interchanges in Canada, one in Calgary and the other in Regina.

The Ontario government held an in-person public education session to learn "how to navigate" the new interchange.

At that time, an animated drive-through video was released showing how Ontario's interchange works.

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