TORONTO -- A new area code is coming to southern Ontario this fall to meet the growing demand for new telephone numbers.

Starting on Oct. 16, the area code 742 will be gradually introduced to places in the province currently being served by area codes 289, 365, and 905, according to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

The 742 area code will only be used once there is no longer sufficient supply of the existing area codes.

"The introduction of a new area code creates millions of additional telephone numbers without affecting the existing numbers," Kelly Walsh, Program Manager of the Canadian Numbering Administrator, said in a statement Wednesday. 

The introduction of the 742 area code will not affect the geographic boundaries for local calling areas or the way long distance calls are dialed.

The first two area codes ever to be used in southern Ontario are 416 and 613, which were introduced in 1947.

In 1993, the additional area code of 905 was introduced to serve the area surrounding Toronto. 

In 2001, the 289 area code was introduced and in 2013 the 365 area code was brought into circulation.