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Ontario bakery says driver smashed into their storefront, then got nails done next door


A bakery in Woodbridge, Ont. says a driver crashed into their storefront on Friday morning, then allegedly proceeded to get her nails done at a salon next door.

Security footage obtained by CTV News Toronto shows a Jeep driving into the bakery’s storefront at 8:38 a.m. on March 3, shattering windows and pushing cake displays further into the store.

Nobody was at Guilty Pleasurez Dezzert Cafe at the time since it typically opens at 11 a.m.

“I received a phone call from my mom saying that I need to rush to the store because somebody has crashed into the store,” Tanvir Bawa, one of the Woodbridge bakery’s owners, told CTV News Toronto on Friday.

An image of Guilty Pleasurez Dezzert Cafe, after a car had driven into its storefront on March 3, 2023. (Simran Bawa/Guilty Pleasurez Dezzert Cafe)

When Bawa arrived, turned off the store alarm, and saw the front door had been sealed off, he said that the business next door – a nail salon – had contacted his sister, Simran, who he operates the bakery with, to tell her the driver who crashed into her storefront was inside the salon.

“So, she basically crashed into the store, her husband came [and] picked up the car, while she was getting her nails done,” he said.

“I asked her, I was like, ‘Are you okay?’ [..] and she’s just giggling. She’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m fine.’”

KC’s Nails and Beauty Shoppe, the nail salon beside Guilty Pleasurez, declined an interview with CTV News Toronto.

“I’m telling you, this whole time, not one single apology from them,” Simran Bawa told CTV News Toronto. “I’m not looking for an apology, but this is a big thing. To me, it’s a big thing, this is pretty much my bread and butter.”

Simran Bawa said the damage to the store deteriorated throughout the day.

“At one point in the morning, you [could] close the door, but right now, [...] you can’t open the door more than 25 per cent,” she said, adding there were broken shards of glass both inside and outside the store.

“It’s not just putting a wood piece up on the window because there was glass broke. There is serious structural damage. There’s no way of just doing patchwork and saying ‘This will work,’” she said. “They will have to tear the whole thing down.”

Wooden boards currently cover Guilty Pleasurez Dezzert Cafe's store front. (Simran Bawa/Guilty Pleasurez Dezzert Cafe)

On Monday, Simran said her insurance provider told her that since there is still electricity and water running, and a door to get inside the bakery, they are required to stay open.

“My store is [an] eye sore at the moment, and just looks like a business that is closed for good,” she said.

On Instagram, the bakery announced it will be temporarily closed for take-out and delivery services at this time. Simran told CTV News Toronto they are expected to open as soon as all of the glass inside the store is cleaned up. 

A spokesperson for York Regional Police told CTV News Toronto on Monday they could confirm the collision but declined to provide further information on the incident since it was considered a minor incident with no reported injuries, no charges made, and no indication of criminality.

“It’s not been the most pleasant time,” Simran said. “It's put a lot of toll, right? This is just another add-on. The business is going to be shut down.” Top Stories

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