A group of Occupy Toronto protesters marched for a second time to Yonge-Dundas Square on Tuesday, as the demonstration capped off its fourth day.

At 8:30 p.m. about 150 marchers made their way to the downtown square, travelling up Yonge Street where they stopped traffic for about 20 minutes. The group then marched down Church Street and along Adelaide Street.

An hour later, the group was back at St. James Park where they have been camping since Saturday.

Earlier in the day, the activists had held a general assembly at St. James Park where they decided to first march to King and Bay streets at 2 p.m. before heading to the square.

Later, the group announced that they are planning a large downtown freedom and peace march for Saturday.

Members of the Occupy Toronto group marched from St. James Park to Bay Street twice on Monday, blocking traffic and urging pedestrians to join the cause.

Occupy Toronto is a leaderless movement seizing on the success of Occupy Wall Street, targeting a host of societal issues.

The central message of the international ‘Occupy' movement has been the increasing income gap between the rich and poor.

Demands for greater corporate responsibility, more affordable education and protection of the environment against corporate greed have surfaced repeatedly at the Toronto event.

Meantime, the group Occupy Bay Street, an offshoot of Occupy Toronto, planned to protest outside the Toronto Stock Exchange at King and York streets at 9:30 a.m., according to a blog maintained by the group.

Occupy Bay Street also gathered in the financial district on Monday, although it was a lightly-attended affair.

Occupy Toronto has publicly distanced itself from the Bay Street movement, posting on Twitter that the two were not connected.