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New video shows escaped kangaroo captured and wrangled into police cruiser


New body camera footage released Tuesday shows police capturing an escaped kangaroo in Oshawa, Ont., after it went missing for more than three days.

Durham police released the recording, which only shows about four minutes of the nearly one hour capture, since the cops were not required to activate their cameras.

However, the kangaroo nudged a responding officer, triggering the recording, police explained.

A day earlier, the police force announced the kangaroo was successfully captured on Winchester Road in Oshawa at around 6 a.m. after escaping from the Oshawa Zoo during a one-night stay on Friday.

In the video, officers work to calm the kangaroo. “You’re okay, you’re okay,” one can be heard saying as they try to tuck her feet under. “They are the dangerous part,” he goes on to say.

Durham police release body camera footage of a kangaroo captured on Monday, Dec. 5, 2023.

An officer grabs the kangaroo’s tail, which they understood to be the safest way to secure her, as another strokes her back.

Just before 7:15 a.m. on the recording, they wrangle the marsupial into the back of a police cruiser after slipping a strap of some sort around its neck.

Police said that the officers previously “tailed” the kangaroo for nearly an hour before getting close enough to “grab her tail and secure her.”

Officers with Durham police can be seen apprehending the escaped kangaroo.

It was initially reported earlier that one officer sustained minor injuries while wrangling the escaped marsupial, but Sgt. Joanne Bortoluss told CP24 Monday afternoon that while there was “some contact with the officer,” they were ultimately unharmed.

“Since this little joey took a ride in one of our K9 vehicles, we’ve decided to make her an honorary member of the K9 Unit and find her a fitting ‘unofficial name’,” Durham police said in a news release.

They settled on ‘Roo’ Emy May in honour of the two officers who rescued her. Top Stories

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