The Progressive Conservative Party is launching a major ad offensive in an effort to boost leader John Tory's profile to Ontario voters.

But the commercials are not attacks ads, rather they focus on Tory's leadership skills and personal character.

The ads begin airing on TV and the radio on Tuesday, eight months before the Oct. 10 election. They feature testimonials from community organization figures.

"John is a miracle to my foundation and to the cause of autism," Kathy Deschenes, executive director of Unity for Autism, says in one commercial.

"He has sensitivity to those who are less fortunate to make a difference."

The ad ends with the logo "A different kind of leader."

Party campaign chairman John Laschinger says voters need to understand Tory is different than past PC leaders Mike Harris and Ernie Eves and a good alternative to Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty.

"I think because he's leader of the Opposition and has only been in politics for two years at the provincial level, it takes time to get to people," Laschinger said.

"I think it's also true that different people know different parts of John's background but very few of them really know the full extent of his business background, the CFL, the enormous extent of the volunteer work that he's done in the past," added campaign official Jan Dymond.

Those commenting on Tory in the ads have not been paid and are not party members.

The party's election platform is expected to be revealed in June.

With a report from CTV's Paul Bliss