TORONTO - Premier Dalton McGuinty says while October's referendum question hasn't been formalized it will be simple and straightforward.

Citizens will be asked to vote on electoral reform when they mark their ballot for the provincial election on Oct. 10.

A citizens' assembly is releasing a report today that's expected to suggest an alternative system to elect politicians; mixed member proportional voting.

Such a system would have citizens vote twice; once for a local representative and once for a party to govern the province.

Advocates say the new system would make the balance of power in the legislature better reflect the overall vote.

McGuinty says he won't try to influence voters with his opinion on the referendum question, although his fellow politicians are free to make their own thoughts known.

McGuinty says he's confident that the people of Ontario will make the right choice.

"They can do whatever they think is appropriate," McGuinty said. "On big decisions like this the people are never wrong."

Opposition critics say the government has set up the process to fail by setting a 60 per cent threshold for reform to be ushered in.