TORONTO - Ontario's Liberal government appears to be worried by the fact right-wing conservative Rob Ford is leading the pack of candidates to be mayor of Toronto.

Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne was dispatched by the Liberals today to blast what she calls the "politics of anger" practised by Ford.

She says Ford is trying to find the streak of anger in people, adding she believes provincial Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is "of the same ilk."

However, Wynne says she's "absolutely confident that people will not buy into" Ford's negative campaign.

The minister says there's a connection between the kind of politics that Hudak wants to engage in at the provincial level and the discussion that Ford has begun in Toronto.

Many provincial Liberals -- including Wynne -- are supporting former deputy premier George Smitherman for mayor of Toronto, but he's been trailing Ford for months in the polls.

Municipal elections will be held across Ontario on Oct. 25.