A chunk of the downtown subway line will be shut over the next three weekends for system upgrades.

The upgrades will occur at the College Street station, where a new track cross-over will be installed.

To finish the work, there will be no service on the Yonge line from Union Station to Bloor Station on consecutive weekends starting on the morning of Saturday, Jan. 29.

Closures will also occur on the weekends of Feb. 5 and Feb. 12. Normal service will resume on each Monday morning following the weekend work.

In a news release Monday, the TTC said the changes will help the system run smoother by allowing greater flexibility.

"When completed, subway trains will be able to turn back at College Station. At the present time, trains must turn back at Union or Bloor stations."

The TTC said shuttle buses will operate on Yonge Street as an alternative. The University Avenue line will still be operational.