TORONTO - The Ontario Liberals are launching their summer ad campaign with a series of commericials aimed at showcasing their record on health and education.

The party is launching four TV ads featuring babies, children and a wedding to illustrate the government's work in reducing surgery wait times and class sizes.

They also deal with full-day kindergarten -- a program both the Tories and NDP have promised to implement if elected on Oct. 6 -- but something the Liberals insist the other parties can't be trusted to do.

Much like a previous ad in which Premier Dalton McGuinty is heard but not seen this one makes no mention of the party's leader.

The Liberal ad campaign hasn't yet turned nasty, unlike Progressive Conservative ads that call McGuinty "the taxman."

But the party says upcoming ads will focus on what it says are the "risks" of voting for the Tories or the NDP.