A judge has decided the public will see a videotaped interview between police and convicted schoolgirl killer Paul Bernardo.

The tape shows police interviewing Bernardo about the disappearance of Elizabeth Bain, a 22-year-old University of Toronto student who went missing in 1991.

Bain's boyfriend was acquitted of the murder in April and his defence lawyers have always maintained that Bernardo was a viable suspect in the case.

Bernardo has never been charged with Bain's disappearance.

Justice David McCombs said last week he had serious reservations about releasing the tape because he feared it would infringe on Bernardo's rights.

During arguments last week, the Crown attorney said he supports releasing the video with restrictions. He suggested news outlets be banned from posting the video on their websites so that others wouldn't be able to post it on file-sharing sites such as YouTube. He also suggested the video be destroyed after it is broadcast on the news.

McCombs has not ruled which restrictions will be put on the video.

The video is expected to be released on Tuesday.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Chris Eby