The province will launch an inquest into the death of a man who was armed with scissors and wearing a hospital gown when he was shot by police in an east-end neighbourhood.

Michael Eligon, 29, was shot on Feb. 3, 2012, near Coxwell Avenue and Danforth Road.

Police were responding to a call that a man had stabbed someone and they arrived to find Eligon wearing a hospital gown and wielding two pairs of scissors.

According to reports, Eligon had escaped from the nearby Toronto East General Hospital and had tried to steal two cars before his confrontation with police.

Police said that Eligon, still armed with the scissors, advanced on officers and said words to the effect of "one of you is going to die" before he was shot.

He was taken to St. Michael's Hospital where he died of his injuries.

Ontario's Special Investigations Unit has already investigated the case and said that no charges would be laid against the officer who shot Eligon because he was justified in opening fire.

This new inquest will look into the events surrounding Eligon's death and a jury will make recommendations aimed to prevent similar deaths.