TORONTO - Public interest groups are accusing Ontario's Liberal government of being undemocratic for failing to consult people about some major cuts to services needed to trim the $16- billion deficit.

Economist Don Drummond was hired by the province to review all public services, but the Ontario Health Coalition says the former banker has not held any public hearings.

Spokeswoman Nathalie Mehra says the Liberals are preventing public debate on what she expects will be sweeping policy changes by refusing to release Drummond's report in the legislature.

She says they are very serious issues that have a real impact on people's lives and should be dealt with in a proper debate.

Duff Conacher of Democracy Watch says the Liberals' budget and policy making process in the past few months violates every principal of democratic, open good government.

Conacher says the Liberals are in a minority and must stop being control freaks and start working with the other parties on the changes coming in the March budget.