An alleged G20 protest organizer has been released on bail several weeks after he was taken into police custody.

As part of Erik Lankin's release, the 23-year-old will remain under house arrest and will have to obey several conditions.

Lankin will have to live with a family member in the Kitchener area, according to Superior Court Justice Michael Code.

After the court ruling, Lankin was greeted by friends and family who attended the hearing at the courthouse on University Avenue.

Lankin told reporters that "it feels pretty good to be out."

He had been in custody since the weekend of June 26-27 and was among the last of the G20 suspects to be released.

At least 15 people were identified as alleged G20 protest organizers.

In July, Crown prosecutors said they were dealing with an "avalanche of information," which was based on a police probe into so-called Black Bloc tactics dating back more than a year.

With files from The Canadian Press