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'A little spring cleaning': Toronto mayor outlines goals for FIFA World Cup amid controversy


Mayor Olivia Chow said Wednesday that it's time for "a little spring cleaning" when it comes to Toronto's strategy around the FIFA World Cup Games the city will host in 2026.

"While I didn't sign this deal, it is my responsibility as mayor to do what I can to make these games a success," Chow said.

Chow said she is juggling the committee structure and mandate in order to ensure the games' "financial sustainability" for the city and that the event "builds connections."

Toronto is set to host six matches during the FIFA World Cup 2026 (FWC26). The deal to host the games, which was signed under the previous administration, has been criticized for its secretiveness and for saddling the city with costs which could balloon.

Toronto has already committed to covering around $90 million of the estimated $300 million price tag on its own.

Chow has said she's hopeful the city can make up some of that money through sponsorships and donations.

In a letter to council Wednesday, the mayor said it's now the current council's job to make sure the games are successful.

"As we prepare to host this marquee event, we must also strengthen our resolve to make it a success – not only financially, but in the strong and lasting connections it builds across communities, and how we reflect our shared values as we host the world," Chow said in the letter.

To that end she said she is expanding the Executive Steering Committee (ESC) established in 2020 and will chair it herself. Deputy Mayor Mike Colle will be her alternate.

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