A woman who says she hasn't driven down Highway 407 in nearly 14 years was shocked when she received a bill for the toll route that totalled more than $6,000.

Angela Curtis says she used to use the highway to travel to work, but after she was let go from her job in 2000, she stopped using the toll route.

Curtis says she's also moved five times since that year and that she never received a final bill of approximately $200. Nearly 14 years later, however, Curtis says a collection agency contacted her, informing her that she owes more than $6,000.

"I owe $200, the admin fee of $139 and the rest is interest," she told CTV Toronto.

Drivers who use Hwy. 407 are sent invoices based on how far they travel. If payments are not made on time, drivers are charged an interest rate of nearly 27 per cent, which Curtis feels is much too high.

"How do you justify … $5,800 in interest on a $200 bill?" she said.

As a result of her unpaid bill, Curtis's driver’s license was suspended and her wages were garnisheed approximately $750 by a collection agency. But since contacting CTV Toronto about her situation, Curtis's account has been settled.

Kevin Sack, a spokesperson for the 407 ETR Concession Company, said that "given the account history, the customer's current situation and payment made to date, we will cease collections activities and consider this account settled."

Curtis says she is relieved that her debt has been forgiven.

"It is a huge weight off my shoulders."

With a report from CTV Toronto's Pat Foran