WINDSOR - Shireen Anderson and her baby girl are healthy after the mom gave birth in the restroom of a Windsor Tim Hortons Tuesday.

Little Azauria lay in a basinet at the Windsor Hospital as her mom recounted her unusual story, laughing often, just a couple hours after giving birth.

"Basically, I felt the urge to use the bathroom, so I stopped at the Tim Hortons," Anderson said from her hospital bed. "Needless to say, I didn't have to use the bathroom, I actually had a baby."

Anderson, 32, was due on Mother's Day, but when she got into the Tim Hortons she knew things were going to happen before that. She told one of the employees she thought she was going to have the baby.

The store employee promptly called 911, Tim Hortons manager Aaron Hayes told reporters Tuesday afternoon.

"The next thing you know, she ran into the bathroom and she's screaming," said Hayes.

Another female employee, Judy Glenn, who was working behind the counter joined Anderson on the floor of the tiny washroom and talked to the operator who told her what to do.

Anderson said all she was thinking about by then was the pain. This was Anderson's second child and she had planned on using an epidural.

"As it was happening, I was like, ‘I'm having a baby at Tim Hortons, is this really happening? I'm in the bathroom at Tim Hortons. I'm not at a hospital.' I was supposed to have my coaches and everything and it didn't work out like that."

Glenn told Anderson not to push, but she didn't have a choice, recalled Hayes.

"The whole baby came out and then we were just making sure that it was breathing and wiping the nose and the mouth and being directed by 911," he said.

The ambulance arrived moments later and took Anderson and her baby girl to the hospital.

Glenn got the rest of the day off.

Azauria is perfectly healthy, weighing in at seven pounds and 14 ounces with a full head of black hair. Nurses have already started giving the new baby nicknames, including Sugar and Timmy.

Anderson is in good spirits, and is already laughing about the day her daughter will be old enough to understand her birth story.

"She's here. She's healthy. And we're blessed to have her in this world," Anderson said.