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'We are very terrified': Two Markham home invasion victims speak out after attack


Two of the victims that were targeted in a series of violent home invasions in Markham are recounting their ordeal.

“They all had guns and weapons on them, and they just kept saying, ‘where’s the money, where’s the money,’” one of the young men said, speaking to CTV News Toronto.

The two young men live in one of the six Markham houses police say were targeted in a recent series of home invasions.

CTV News Toronto is not revealing their identities because the two victims say they are concerned about their safety.

There were four masked men who broke into their home. On Friday morning, two men were shot, one fatally, in a standoff with police on Eyer Drive near Calvert Road, and another man and woman were apprehended.

Images obtained by CTV News Toronto appear to show a plainclothes officer with their weapon drawn. (CTV News Toronto)

York Regional Police say the incident was linked to the investigation into the spree of home invasions.

The victims say the four men who entered their home divided to conquer.

At first, one of the occupants recounted, the banging at the back door sounded like it was part of the rainforest white noise he uses as a sleep aide.

Then the glass of the sliding door smashed.

Two men came to his room, one armed with a gun and another with a hatchet.

The other victim who spoke to CTV News Toronto said a third man came to his room, taking everything from his shoes to his headphones.

“Everything happened so quick in such a miserable way, we are very terrified,” he said.

A fourth man targeted the other occupants of the house, they said.

The household is now adding extra security, and the pair admit it has taken time to process what happened to them.

“We stay up a lot later and get a little less sleep just to make sure everyone else in the house is safe,” one of them said.

They have been literally picking up the pieces, but—like their glass door—they say the illusion of safety has been broken. Top Stories

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