Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Coun. Doug Ford announced their weights to the world on Monday, stepping on the scales and launching a very public weight-loss campaign aimed at "cutting the waist" at city hall.

The mayor, who has described himself as "300 pounds of fun," tipped the scales at 330 lbs. on Monday, while his brother weighed in at 275 lbs.

The public weigh-in launches a six-month "Cut the Waist Challenge," a personal project meant to help the pair get healthy while raising money for charity.

"I look forward to rising up to the challenge and making a healthy change in my life," Mayor Ford said. "I have worked hard to cut the waste at city hall. Now I'd invite all of Toronto to join me in cutting a different kind of waist."

Ford said his goal was to drop 50 lbs before their final weigh-in on June 18.

Ford poked fun at himself through the proceedings, playing with the dials on the scale and rubbing his belly, which was tucked beneath a dark black shirt and black suit jacket.

"That scale is going to break when I stand on it," Ford said before the weigh-in.

Members of the public are invited to join the brothers in losing weight and a website will launch on Monday where people can share their stories.

Residents who are interested in making a donation are encouraged to send their contributions directly to a charity of their choice.

Ford also issued a challenge to other Canadian mayors.

Gordon Chong, chair of board of directors of the YMCA of Toronto, congratulated the Ford brothers on their decision to make a commitment to healthy living.

"I'm here to commend the mayor and Coun. Ford … for being in the public eye and actually acknowledging the fun that has been poked at them with respect to their rotundity," he said on Monday.

Doug Ford has said they plan to hold public walkabouts in the city every weekend.

The Fords wouldn't be the first politicians to lose weight while in office. During his time in the mayor's chair, former Toronto mayor David Miller lost 50 pounds through regular workouts and by cutting out junk food.