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Toronto house selling for $500,000 smells so bad it might be hard to view it

The home located at 11 Lucy Avenue is seen in this photo. ( The home located at 11 Lucy Avenue is seen in this photo. (

A Toronto house selling for $500,000 might seem like a good deal but according to the property’s listing the home smells so bad that viewing it could even be difficult.

The home is located at 11 Lucy Avenue, which is in the Victoria Park and Danforth avenues area, in Scarborough. 

"Viewing may be difficult, due to pungent odor," the listing says, attributing the foul smell to a cat. 

The home is also missing a subfloor in the front bedroom and it has been taped off for safety reasons. 

The home has three bedrooms and one bathroom. It has an unfinished basement.

No photographs of the home's interior were made available. 

Considering the average price of a Toronto home is now over $1 million, this listing might still catch your eye. 

The real estate agent makes it clear that this home is "best suited to tear down" and says that "newer homes are being built in the area."

Property taxes for the home will set you back $2,425 annually. 

Considering the skyrocketing price of a detached home in Toronto, getting past the smell might just be worth it. Top Stories

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