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Toronto father watches in horror on phone app as intruders barge into house with child home alone


Two suspects have been arrested in connection with a robbery that took place while a 13-year-old boy was home alone in North York.

The incident, which was partially captured by a door bell camera, occurred at a residence near York Mills and Don Mills roads on Feb. 4.

Police say that the suspects, one of them armed with a screwdriver, rang the bell several times and then “forced their way inside” after the victim came to the door.

It is alleged that they then began “ransacking the residence,” eventually fleeing the scene with a laptop.

The teen’s father was working at the time of the robbery but got a notification from an app connected to his home security system, alerting him to the incident.

In the video, which the father provided to CP24, a woman walks up to the front door, and a man joins her a few moments later.

The two are seen knocking on the door and trying to open it. At one point, the man is seen holding a screwdriver.

After their attempts to open the door fail, the two walk away. However, they quickly turn around, walk back to the door and enter the home.

It is believed that this was when the 13-year-old boy answered the door.

Two intruders are shown outside a Toronto home. The homeowner says that the pair barged in after his 13-year-old son, who was home alone at the time, answered the door.

"They helped themselves in with the intent of extracting something from my home. And sure enough, they had done that by barging in and terrifying my son," the father, who CP24 is not identifying, said. “They're pretty slick in their means."

The father said that his son grabbed a knife to defend himself after noticing one of the suspects holding the screwdriver.

He said that the teen was holding the knife in his armpit when one of the suspects appeared to laugh it off.

“The gentleman -- for lack of better words -- he laughed at him saying, 'Well, you're going to stab me with that?' and he started laughing," he said.

The two suspects left the house a short time later. The teen was not physically injured but the father told CP24 that the incident has left his whole family shaken, prompting them to temporarily leave their home.

Police said that the two suspects, a man and a woman, were initially arrested on an unrelated matter on Tuesday but have since been charged in relation to the home invasion.

Dominic McKay-Jones, 34, of Toronto, and Skye Robichaud-Miller, 23, of Toronto, are each charged with robbery, forcible entry and failure to comply with a release order.

Police say that both were scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday. Top Stories

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