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Toronto-area Metro workers ratify second tentative agreement after month-long strike


Metro workers from 27 stores in the Greater Toronto Area have a new collective agreement after a month-long strike.

The workers represented by Unifor voted to ratify a second tentative deal just two days after Metro was granted a temporary injunction restricting secondary picket lines that blocked fresh product deliveries to its stores.

More than 3,700 workers had been on strike since July 29 after rejecting the first tentative agreement recommended by their bargaining committee.

Unifor spokesman Paul Whyte says in a statement that under the new deal, all workers will get an immediate raise of $1.50 an hour.

He says full-time and senior part-time workers will essentially receive a $2-an-hour pay increase within months, as they will get an additional 50 cents in January.

Throughout the strike, the workers called for the so-called hero pay they received during the pandemic to return, as well as better working conditions and more full-time jobs.

“This is a historic collective agreement that sets a new bar for grocery store workers,” said Unifor national president Lana Payne.

“It was achieved thanks to our members' perseverance and unwavering solidarity, as well as incredible community support.”

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Aug. 31, 2023. Top Stories

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