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Thousands stolen from bank and wireless customers in fraud scam, Toronto police say

Nadia Campitelli is pictured in these photos distributed by Toronto police. (Handout) Nadia Campitelli is pictured in these photos distributed by Toronto police. (Handout)

Toronto police have released photos of a suspect who allegedly impersonated customers at wireless stores and banks in order to steal from them.

Police said the incidents occurred between June 2022 and November of this year.

According to investigators, the suspect attended wireless cell phones stores, impersonating account holders using fake ID. Police said the suspect would then open up a new line with a new phone under the existing account holder.

The suspect would then go to banks associated with the victims’ accounts and impersonate them using fake ID, withdrawing funds from their accounts.

Unsuspecting wireless and bank customers had their accounts taken over in Toronto and other locations around Ontario, police said.

Investigator said Tuesday that 47-year-old Nadia Campitelli of Toronto is now wanted for three counts of fraud over $5,000, fraud over $5,000, intercepting private communications, and failing to comply with probation.

She is described as having a large build, long black curly hair and brown eyes.

Police are asking anyone who sees her to contact investigators. Top Stories


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