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Ontario father finds unwanted surprise in McDonald's Happy Meal

A Mississauga resident found an unwanted surprise in his daughter's McDonald's Happy Meal last week, prompting him to seek answers from the restaurant. (Handout) A Mississauga resident found an unwanted surprise in his daughter's McDonald's Happy Meal last week, prompting him to seek answers from the restaurant. (Handout)

A father from the Toronto area is speaking out after finding an unwanted surprise in his daughter’s McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Mississauga resident James Duncan said the discovery was made on Feb. 9, shortly after taking his two young daughters through the drive-thru of the 1829 Lakeshore Road West McDonald’s.

“They went into the other room to sit and eat, and my daughter said, ‘Daddy, there’s a bone in my McNugget!” Duncan told CTV News Toronto on Wednesday. "She'd bit it and hit her loose tooth."

Duncan, caught off guard, said his daughter then pulled an approximate inch-long bone out of the piece of chicken.

"I was like, Woah,'" he said. "You can still see the hole from where she pulled it out."

A bone found by Mississauga resident James Duncan in his daughter's happy meal can be seen above.

The father said he tried calling McDonald’s customer service line “five or six times” but was told it was not staffed past 9 p.m. When he eventually got a hold of the Lakeshore location, he said he was asked to bring the bone in, to be sent away for analysis, and that staff told him they were happy to offer him a new pack of nuggets.

“It was like, no, I don’t think we want to do that,” he said. “I was just a bit disappointed.”

In an attempt to speak to someone at head office, Duncan said he filled out the survey found on the back of his receipt, attaching photos and video of the bone and including a timeline of the ordeal. But at the time of the interview, nearing a week later, Duncan said he hadn’t heard back from the corporate team.

“This is a giant corporation that has many different branches and many outreach sources, and I felt it was essential that they know what happened,” he said.

A receipt for the Happy Meal, alongside the bone, can be seen above. (Handout)

When reached for comment, the franchise owner of the Lakeshore McDonalds, Larry McCormick, told CTV News that the safety and well-being of their employees and guests is their “absolute” priority.

“I take pride in serving my guests using the best and safest ingredients,” McCormick said. “We are actively investigating and will take the appropriate next steps.”

Duncan said that at the end of the day, he’s still counting himself lucky.

“We’re all okay, her tooth’s okay,” he said. “I’m just disappointed, but not surprised.” Top Stories


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