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Toronto man felt 'threatened' police would revoke his licence in parking ticket scam


Toronto police are warning motorists of a scam involving fraudulent texts asking drivers to settle overdue parking tickets.

John Brooker, of Toronto, said he was recently shocked to receive a text saying he had an overdue parking ticket that he needed to pay right away or risk losing his licence.

“They threatened if [I] didn’t pay up, my licence would be revoked, and all sorts of bad things would happen,” Brooker told CTV News Toronto.

He said he clicked on the link in the text message but grew concerned when he was asked to input his personal information, including information about his car.

Booker, suspicious, deleted the text: “I was happy I didn’t fall into the trap.”

Toronto police said they do not contact people by text.

Toronto police warn of a parking ticket scam where fraudulent texts are being sent out to tell motorists to settle overdue parking tickets.

“It’s a classic fraud where it has a sense of urgency behind it and has threats of suspension, and that’s not the way the government works, so it’s absolutely fraud,” Det. David Coffey, with the Toronto Police Financial Crimes Unit, told CTV News Toronto.

Clicking on the link could give scammers access to your phone, providing them with information that could lead to identity theft.

There are variations of this particular scam, as you could also get a text saying you owe money for a speeding ticket or other traffic violation.

“Toronto police will not send text messages reminding people of traffic violations, so if you get a text message like this, you should delete it. Do not respond to it,” Coffey said.

Brooker is relieved he didn’t get scammed. Top Stories

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