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'Ludicrous' sledding ban reversal at Toronto parks to be tabled


A city councillor is trying to reverse a sledding ban at 45 parks in Toronto.

Councillor Brad Bradford is preparing to bring forward a motion on Feb. 6, asking the city to remove signs prohibiting tobogganing at specific parks in Toronto.

On Jan. 14, the city banned tobogganing at parks it deemed “unsafe” because they did not have clear paths for sleds to glide from top to bottom without the obstruction of trees, ditches, trails and fences.

“It is just ludicrous. These have been toboggan hills for generations. You can sign it and say tobogganing ban, but people are still going to be out,” Bradford said on Newstalk1010 Thursday morning.

“This was lazy. This was the big government bureaucracy taking the easy way out, and a unilateral ban is really the worst of Toronto, it's no fun city.”  

Bradford is aiming to ask the city to replace signs entirely prohibiting sledding with ones that indicate tobogganing on non-designated hills is at a user’s own risk and the city does not assume liability. He also wants to see signs identifying known hazards on hills and reinstating corresponding safety measures.

The motion would ask for city council to approve additions to the list of 45 parks of prohibited toboggan hills, if they see fit, before making any physical changes.

Tobogganing has been a hot topic at city hall for years. A toboggan hill inspection program was adopted back in 2017 and an incident at Christie Pits in 2022 reignited the issue, prompting the city to remind residents that the activity is not allowed at the popular park. 

With files from CP24's Courtney Heels Top Stories

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