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Toronto bans tobogganing at one of city's most popular spots for sledding

While snowsuits and bright toboggans are practically part of the landscape at one of Toronto’s west end parks, the city is reminding residents that the activity is banned after a recent accident took place over the weekend.

“Tobogganing has never been allowed at Christie Pits,” said City of Toronto spokesperson Brad Ross. While the city would not disclose details on the extent of the recent injury, Ross pointed to “obstructions” at the park located at Bloor and Christie streets, such as fences and baseball diamonds, as reasons for concern.

Signs have been placed discouraging residents from downhill activity in the bowl-shaped park, stating, “no tobogganing or boarding.” However, Ross said the signage isn't placed just to tell people sledding is banned.

“It's that it's unsafe,” he said.

The signs cite Municipal Code #608, which prohibits skiing, tobogganing and sledding in the area.

Ross encouraged those eager to take advantage of the city’s snow to venture about 250 meters south of Christie Pits to Bickford Park on the south side of Bloor Street where there are three toboggan hills.

“We want people to be safe. Enjoy the winter, of course, but there are some parks and some hills where it just isn't safe to do so,” Ross said.

In Toronto, there are 26 city-designated tobogganing hills where the conditions are regularly inspected and monitored.

“We want children, teens and adults to be able to enjoy tobogganing,” Ross said. “This is about safety. That's what this is all about.” Top Stories

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