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Here's what the total solar eclipse looked like at its peak in Ontario


Though the skies clouded the total solar eclipse as it peaked through Toronto, several onlookers still donned their certified solar shades to view the “once-in-a-lifetime” celestial event.

The total solar eclipse started shortly after 2 p.m. and reached its peak at 3:19 p.m. in Toronto.

Although Toronto wasn’t directly in the path of totality like other municipalities outside the GTA, those in the city still got to see 99.9 per cent of the moon covering the sun as it peaked through cloudy skies. The eclipse momentarily shrouded the city’s skies in darkness as the celestial event peaked.

Swarms of people made their way to the Niagara Region to view the rare celestial event, prompting the city to pre-emptively declare a state of emergency. Here, onlookers were able to view the total solar eclipse at its peak for three minutes and 31 seconds.

To see what the eclipse looked like as it reached its peak, including timelapse footage from CP24’s camera in Fort Erie, Ontario, use the video player above. Top Stories

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