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Hamilton responding to cybersecurity incident


The City of Hamilton says it is responding to an “ongoing” cybersecurity incident, the scope of which is unclear at this time.

In a news bulletin posted to the city’s website Monday, officials said the incident is affecting an undisclosed number of municipal systems.

“At this time, experts are actively responding to the incident to determine the cause and potential impacts,” the city said.

It’s unclear what sensitive or private information may have been caught up in the breach, but the city said safeguarding that data is its “priority.”

As for services impacted, the city said Hamilton Street Railway (HRS) is affected, but buses are running on schedule. However, operators are currently driving without their computerized schedules and on-board bus stop announcements are not working. The transit system’s app, email, and phone lines are also down.

The city said it is working with cybersecurity experts to address the incident, though no timeline on its resolution was provided.

Officials added that they are responding to the incident “seriously” and apologized for any inconvenience caused to those in the city. Top Stories

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