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Toronto Blue Jays tickets sold for less than $3 due to 'error' still valid: team


Anyone who bought a ticket to a Toronto Blue Jays game worth about the same as an extra large Tim Hortons coffee due to an “error” will still have that price honoured, the team has confirmed.

Over the weekend, tickets for a July 24 game against the Tampa Bay Rays caused a stir online when fans saw 500-level seats on sale for $2.30, including fees, on Ticketmaster.

In a Reddit thread discussing the price of Jays tickets, one user pointed out the unintentionally discounted tickets so others could cash in, adding they spent $13 for six tickets. Others on X, formerly Twitter, also flagged the cheap tickets.

While Ticketmaster deferred to the franchise for comment, the team later confirmed to CTV News Toronto that the prices were brought on by an error, but did not provide details on what type of error occurred.

Fans who did buy tickets at that price, however, will still have them honoured.

Tickets for that July game are no longer being sold at that price, as fans looking to buy now in the 500-section will spend $33.35, including fees, on each ticket.

A screenshot of the temporary cost of Toronto Blue Jays 500-level tickets for July 24. (CP24) Top Stories

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