TORONTO -- Many weddings were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic last year and many couples decided to postpone their celebration hoping things would be better this year.

But now some couples are shocked to find out their wedding may not go ahead as planned after a popular Toronto venue appears to have closed its doors for good.

“We got engaged in 2018 and we set the wedding date for July 4, 2020. We really saved up and we wanted to come out of this debt free so we could focus on a house," Tymone Roberts said.

Roberts and her fiancé Roger Higgins made a payment of $20,000 to The Forth at 629 Danforth Avenue, a wedding venue in Toronto.

They had been saving for years to have their dream wedding and each worked full time and also took on part-time jobs to make it happen.

“We booked our caterer. We booked the cake lady, the wedding was set, we booked everything," Roberts said.

When the pandemic happened the venue said there were no refunds, but the couple could use the funds and reschedule their wedding to July 3, 2021.

Now the couple says the company is not returning calls and others are in the same situation.

“We wanted to reach out to the venue to see what their thoughts were of us pushing the wedding back and no one answered and we tried several times," Higgins said.

Roberts added, “when we couldn't reach them we started to get worried."

CTV News Toronto contacted the company over the past month but our calls and e-mails were not returned and the front doors are currently chained shut.

Higgins and Roberts went on social media and found other couples who also had weddings planned for the venue.

Kevin and Alyssa of Mississauga paid a deposit of $4,000 and were to be married last July, but changed their date to May of this year.

They also want answers from the venue and say it’s unfair The Forth shut its doors without warning and an explanation.

“We are just reaching out to the venue. We just want you to give people their money back including us. Answer your phones and just do the right thing," Higgins said.

Many couples who postponed their weddings last year still aren't sure what the situation will be as the pandemic continues.

A wedding venue might give you a new date, but that may not help you if they're no longer in business.