A west-end city councillor is lashing out against poor city planning after learning that a brand new sidewalk will be torn up later this year.

Coun. Ana Bailão (Ward 18 – Davenport) says a new Dundas Street West sidewalk -- still currently under construction -- will be torn up in September in order to lay 13 gas lines.

Bailao wrote a scathing letter to Peter Crockett, the executive director of the city's Technical Services division, calling it "yet another example of the city not taking enough time to properly organize its construction schedule."

The Dundas Street West has been in a constant state of construction in recent years, the rookie councillor said, adding that embattled business owners are growing weary of the hassle and money wasted through disorganization.

"To Torontonians they will say that this is yet another example of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing," wrote Bailao.

She also sent her letter to City Manager Joe Pennachetti and Manny Sousa, the manager of community and municipal relations for Enbridge -- the company scheduled to lay the gas lines.