A 62-year-old Ontario woman has been charged in connection with an incredible hit-and-run incident that quickly became a YouTube sensation.

The accident, which occurred on Oct. 22 in a town just north of Toronto, was reminiscent of a monster truck show -- a black BMW SUV pulled into a parking spot too quickly, mounted a small curb and rolled over two other parked cars.

The incident was captured by security cameras installed in the parking lot of Extreme Fitness, located south of Highway 7 on Yonge Street in Thornhill.

The surveillance footage shows the driver of the SUV pause and then slowly back out of the parking spot and drive out of the lot. However, the video doesn't show the face of the driver or the car's licence plate number.

Shortly after the accident, the video was posted on YouTube and several other international websites. The clip has generated more than 880,000 hits on YouTube in the past week.

The owner of the one of the cars that was hit is a staff member at Extreme. On Wednesday, he saw a car in the fitness club's parking lot that matched the description of the one seen in the surveillance video and called police.

Investigators arrived at the scene and interviewed a suspect who is a member of the gym.

Tripta Kaushal, a Richmond Hill resident, has been charged with failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

She is expected in a Newmarket courtroom on Dec. 1.