TORONTO -- Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccination certificate program went into effect this week, prohibiting those who are not fully vaccinated from accessing certain non-essential services such as indoor dining and gyms.

As the program rolls out, many businesses still have questions and concerns about how it will work. Will employees be expected to play the role of bouncer? What is enforcement going to be like? How long will this program be in place for?

In episode 12 of Life Unmasked, the team speaks with Dr. Peter Jüni, scientific director of the COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, and Dan Kelly, President and CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, about what this program means for Ontarians.

Speaking on Wednesday as the program launched, Premier Doug Ford called the program Ontario’s best chance at avoiding future lockdowns as the weather gets cooler and more activities move indoors.

“These certificates, they're the best chance we have to get through these coming months without having to move backwards,” Ford said at the time.

“But, let me be very clear, this is a temporary and exceptional measure. We will only use these certificates for as long as they are needed and not one day longer.”

The province has promised to roll out a digital certificate on Oct. 22.

proof of vaccine

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