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Video shows rocky Air Canada landing at Toronto Pearson

An Air Canada plane was caught bouncing from side to side on camera during a rough landing at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on Monday.

The video, taken by Wake Turbulence Aviation and posted on social media, shows the aircraft slamming down onto its right wheel first before teetering over to its left during the bumpy touchdown.

A spokesperson for Air Canada confirmed the flight from Tokyo’s Narita Airport on Monday endured a “hard landing due to crosswinds on arrival.”

“The Boeing 777 aircraft taxied to the gate normally after landing, and as a precautionary measure, it was inspected before it was returned to service on Nov. 14,” the statement reads.

There were 373 passengers on board the flight, the airline confirmed, and no reported injuries.

In line with its standard operating procedures, Air Canada confirmed it is currently reviewing the landing, including “regulatory reporting requirements.”

“Air Canada’s pilots are skilled professionals who are trained to handle any range of situations safely, including adverse wind conditions,” the airline said. Top Stories

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