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Toronto wedding planners say some clients are requiring guests be vaccinated against COVID-19


Some wedding planners in Toronto say their phones haven’t stopped ringing since Ontario entered Step 1 of reopening.

“Everyone that is planning for their weddings still to happen this year is very, very excited,” said Roxy Zapala, wedding planner and owner of Art of Celebrations Inc.

However, with excitement, comes caution: some couples want to know the vaccination status of their guests.

“We’re putting it on their website. We’re asking the guests to have at least one dose of a vaccine before they attend the wedding or when they’re RSVPing,” Zapala said.

Carmen Luk, wedding planner and owner of Devoted To You Inc., said none of her clients have put the request in writing, but most are encouraging their guests to come vaccinated.

“Everyone’s comfort level is really different,” she said.

Luk’s wedding season starts in July, when restrictions are expected to loosen once again at the end of the month, but venue capacity will still be limited.

“Because of the reduced guest count, everyone that they invited is family and closest friends, so they do know the status of their vaccination record,” she said.

For people who are strangers, such as vendors, some couples want peace of mind they’re protected against the virus, as well. Some makeup artists and hair stylists want the same comfort and will only offer their services to people who are fully vaccinated, Zapala said.

And this wedding season, some couples are adding on a newer service.

“The same as any other vendor, there’s a rapid test company who provides those kits,” Zapala said.

At some weddings, guests won’t have to show proof of vaccination, but will have to take a rapid test on site.

“If they’re clear to go, then they can attend the indoor facility,” Zapala said. “Which makes it more comfortable for everybody attending.”

Despite the rules and stipulations, according to planners, there is renewed optimism when it comes to the big day. Top Stories

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