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Toronto's most-listened to artist on Spotify was not Taylor Swift. Here's who it is for 2023


With Spotify’s long-awaited annual “Wrapped” campaign here, this is what Torontonians – and those across the Greater Toronto Area – were listening to the most.

As of Wednesday, 574 million users from across the globe can peer through their own personalized listening-history on Spotify, and see what songs they played over again, which artists and podcasts they listened to the most, and more.

“Overall, 2023 was defined by the epic return of major female artists, sonic diversity across the charts, and a global music culture that saw the rise of powerful genres,” Spotify said in a release.

For Toronto’s 2023 “Wrapped” playlist, the city’s most-listened to genres were pop, rap, hip hop, rock and pop rap.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Toronto’s own Drake was the city’s most-played artist on Spotify this year.

Taylor Swift, who is set to play a six-show stint in the city next fall, was the second most listened-to artist, followed by Torontonian, Abel Tesfaye, formerly The Weeknd, country star Morgan Wallen and rapper 21 Savage.

Torontonians listened to “Last Night” by Morgan Wallen the most on Spotify this year, with Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” in second and SZA’s “Kill Bill” third. Rema’s collab with Selena Gomez, “Calm Down,” and Metro Boomin’s “Creepin’” with Tesfaye and 21 Savage rounded the top five list for 2023.

According to Spotify, the listening habits were pretty similar across the GTA.

Brampton’s top five artists on Spotify were the exact same as Toronto’s, though in Mississauga, Travis Scott snagged a spot on the list instead of Wallen.

Torontonians were on trend with what the rest of Canada was listening to, at least in terms of most-streamed artists, though Swift reigns supreme.

While the streaming service didn’t break down what podcasts were the most listened in each city across Canada, Spotify said The Joe Rogan Experience was the top choice for Canadians, followed by Call Her Daddy, Huberman Lab, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard and On Purpose with Jay Shetty. Top Stories


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