TORONTO - An 18-year-old Toronto student has apparently been deported to Mexico.

But federal officials won't even tell Daniel Garcia's lawyers whether the teenager has, in fact, been removed.

Garcia was due to be deported Saturday and his lawyer, Joel Sandaluk, says he understands the teen is no longer in Canada.

Garcia's classmates and other supporters waged a public campaign to try to persuade Canadian officials to let him stay.

But on Friday a Federal Court judge rejected his application for temporary stay.

Garcia's two lawyers will pressure Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to allow the teenager to return, but Sandaluk says he's not optimistic.

"The difference between staying in Canada and getting into Canada is like night and day. It couldn't be more different, " Sandaluk said in an interview Saturday night. "I think frankly, it would be very difficult, it would be an uphill battle to bring him back."

An immigrants' rights group called No one is illegal said on its website that Garcia "unwillingly" boarded a plane to Mexico City.

On Friday, Justice Daniele Tremblay-Lamer said Garcia's behaviour showed "complete disregard for Canada's immigration laws."

Garcia failed to appear for removal in April, disobeyed conditions of his release when he moved, and failed to report a change of address in October.

The Grade 11 student came to Canada three years ago with his older sister, who is gay.

Garcia's supporters say he's been attacked in Mexico because of his sister's sexuality and will likely face more violence if he's sent home.

Brenda Garcia was deported Monday, and her brother hasn't been in touch with her since.