Most of us are complaining about the recent snowy weather, but for a group of recent refugees to Toronto, it was a chance experience something truly Canadian.

The refugees visited Arrowhead Provincial Park where children and their parents got to try a variety of winter activities.

“I’m so excited because we don’t usually come here and we don’t get a chance to have snow activities,” said one of the children participating.

The refugees got to try snowshoeing and tobogganing.

“(The children) are enjoying it very much because they were staying in the hotel for some time, so now they feel free and are enjoying the open air,” said Ahmad Al-Bardan, a recent refugee.

The outing was organized by Julia Bitan, an outdoor enthusiast and someone who emigrated from Israel over a decade ago.

“I came at kind of the beginning of the winter and it was not fun,” she said. “When I was introduced to the outdoors for the first time it was a life-changer. I was happy to be here.”

From the equipment to the park fee, everything required for the outing was paid for by a number of organizations.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Scott Lightfoot