The English language leaders' debate will be held on April 12th in Ottawa.

As in the past, the questions will come from Canadians. 

Submit your questions via email:

About the debates:

The Broadcasting Consortium will hold Leaders' Debates in Ottawa on April 12, in English, and on April 14, in French. The English-language debate will be moderated by Steve Paikin, while Anne-Marie Dussault and Paul Larocque will co-moderate the French-language debate.

The Debates will also feature involvement from the public. The two-hour debates will be comprised of six segments. Each will begin with a question from a Canadian that will launch a six-minute one-on-one debate between two leaders. The segment will conclude with a debate on that same topic open to all four leaders.

The Broadcasting Consortium members will each air the debates.

About the Broadcasting Consortium

The Broadcasting Consortium is composed of Canada's largest television networks. Its members -- CBC/Radio-Canada, CTV, Global and TVA -- invest resources in a joint effort to offer Canadians complete political coverage during election campaigns, including leaders' debates in French and English.