Stephen Curry is going to look ‘real dapper’ during his tunnel walk at Game 6 of the NBA Finals, according to his personal stylist.

Speaking with CTV News Toronto earlier in the day, Sheraine Robinson, a self-taught fashion stylist from Markham, Ont., wouldn’t reveal exactly what the Golden State Warriors’ star would be wearing on Thursday, but did say that he will be “suited up.”

“We mean business,” she said.

Robinson first met Ayesha as a teenager in Markham before she moved away and fell in love with the American basketball star. She said they remained close friends and when she was trying to develop her skills in fashion, Ayesha Curry asked for some help putting together a few outfits together.

“And that’s literally how it started and it’s kind of been a whirlwind ever since.”

Robinson said that she never went to school for fashion, instead focusing on her own research, networking, and mentors. Since becoming employed with the Curry family, Robinson’s career has taken off.

“I was putting together stuff for fun,” she said. “Now it’s a whole orchestration. There’s fittings, there’s measurements, there’s custom pieces, there’s shopping, there’s long nights.”

“I literally facilitate everything from the shopping down to the brand connections to the putting clothes together and getting them ready for whatever event or appearance that they have.”

Robinson says she “eats, drinks and sleeps fashion,” and she often works very long days doing research and putting together clothes for clients.

At the same time, she says it doesn’t feel like work.

Her proudest moment is knowing that Steph Curry is developing his own personal style.

“I’ve seen that in the years we’ve been working, he’s been able to develop his own sense of style, which is not something that was ever a main focus of his at the beginning,” she said. “He knows what he likes.”

Being from the GTA but working for Golden State’s biggest star, Robinson said she is “not picking a side” when it comes to the NBA Finals.

“It’s very difficult, I’m not going to lie. It gives me a lot of anxiety,” she said. “(Whichever) team wins, I am going to be just as ecstatic.”