TORONTO -- Josh and Jacqueline Cairoli have turned their quiet North York court into an outdoor exercise studio.

Every Saturday at 11 a.m. for the past several weeks, the sisters have been running 30-minute classes to keep their neighbours active during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We know there are a lot of singles and a lot of kids on our court that might be getting bored during the quarantine. So we do it just to have them get out, get some exercise and do a bit of socializing,” 16-year-old Jaqueline told CTV Toronto following this week’s class.

The neighbours, who range in age from children to seniors are clearly enjoying the experience. It’s now part of Sandy’s Saturday routine to bring out her pup, and take part.

“Coronavirus was making us all lonely and crazy, and this was a good way to bring out the community together, and get a bit of exercise and fun," Sandy said, adding that she loves the smile the class puts on her face.

COVID-19 fitness class

Her neighbour Nell says she feels the same way. “Keep moving, and getting to know and talk with each other. Because usually afterwards we share with each other.”

Josh, 26, says she’s also enjoying the social side of their workouts. “Once we started doing it the turnouts have been growing. And why wouldn’t we want to get more involved? We finally know the names of our neighbours, so that’s a positive outcome.”

The neighbours workout from their driveways, while the sisters stand in the middle of the court. And the socializing is always done from an appropriate physical distance.

The classes take place regardless of the weather. In fact, on May 9, neighbours worked out as snow was falling.

The Cairoli sisters say they’re enjoying leading the classes so much that they’re planning to continue to run them post-pandemic.

COVID-19 fitness class