Two men are facing charges after a school bus driver allegedly armed himself with a hatchet during an altercation with another driver.

Police said a call came in around 2:51 p.m., reporting an apparent road-rage incident.

Const. Tony Vella said the incident occurred when the school bus driver and the driver of a car stopped at an intersection near Islington Avenue and Dixon Road.

The men had some sort of altercation after the man in the car thought he had been cut off, police said.

The man allegedly followed the bus and both vehicles pulled onto Winnipeg Road, a residential side road, where they stopped.

The 21-year-old man in the car allegedly got out of the vehicle and approached the bus, banging on the windows.

The 61-year-old bus driver produced a hatchet and left the bus, police said.

Paramedics said a scuffle ensued.

The bus driver sustained cuts to his head and ear as he was punched in the face and pinned down until police arrived.

His injuries were not considered life threatening.

There were no children on board the bus at the time of the incident.

As for the hatchet, Deb Fogarty, a spokesperson for First School Bus Transportation, said they are routinely kept on buses in case of emergency.

"There are ones that are kept on the school bus," said Fogarty. "They are used in emergency cases, in case of evacuations and also to check bus tires."

The bus driver involved in the incident has been working for the company for a number of years, Fogarty said.

The bus driver was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon.

The other man is facing a charge of assault causing bodily harm.

With files from CTV Toronto's Michelle Dube