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Quebec woman sees stolen, damaged Audi for first time since it crashed through Ontario mall


A Quebec woman’s eyes welled with tears as she picked up her stolen Audi from an Ontario auto shop, not far from where her car smashed through the glass doors of a mall in an “audacious” theft earlier this week.

Taylor-Anna Kobinger, a resident of Laval, Que., examined the side mirror hanging limp, the bent licence plate and the scratches etched into the black paint of her 2011 Black Audi A4 personalized with a “Ladies on Wheels” window decal.

The licence plate of a stolen Audio is seen damaged after a Vaughan Mills mall theft (CTV News Toronto/ Siobhan Morris). “It’s so unfair,” she said on Thursday after travelling to Vaughan, Ont. to pick it up.

“There’s over $10,000 to $15,000 of damage, for sure. I did an estimate already for the paint and that was $7,000 to $10,000.”

Kobinger said she doesn’t have the money to fix it and is waiting to find out how much of the damage her insurance will cover.

“I’ve put so much effort, money, time. I worked so hard to get it,” she said.

In order to raise the funds for a down payment on a house, she listed it on Facebook Marketplace last month. On Jan. 29, a man responded to the ad and took the car on a test drive.

“He was really driving very dangerously and I didn't feel secure, so I [asked] to change places,” Kobinger said.

When she did, he accelerated. That was the last time she saw her car.

But on Wednesday, Kobinger got a call from York Regional Police (YRP) informing her that her car was involved in a theft in Vaughan.

A stolen Audio is seen damaged after a Vaughan Mills mall theft (CTV News Toronto/ Siobhan Morris).A car with the same license plate as Kobinger’s drove through the glass doors of Vaughan Mills mall and down a number of hallways on Wednesday, according to YRP, who called the saga “audacious.”

The suspect then allegedly broke into a store and took a “quantity of electronic devices.”

On Friday, YRP said there is no new information to report on suspect charges or arrests. On the day of the incident, police said they were looking for two suspects, but were unable to provide descriptions since they were wearing hoods.

“At a certain point, it has to stop,” Kobinger said. “To damage stuff that some other people worked so hard for. If you want stuff like that, go work for it.” 

With files from Abby O'Brien and Joanna Lavoie. Top Stories

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